Annual OCT 2014 Award Winners

On June 7th, 2014 Old Courthouse Theatre held their annual awards gala...

And the winners are ....

Best Play –     “Hello, Dolly!”

Best Actor –    Billy Sumner as "Cornelius Hackle in “Hello, Dolly!”

Best Actress – Kim Baysinger as "Emma” in "Tintypes

Best Supporting Actor –  Mike Curtis as "Mulch/Santa Claus/Wendel Sneed" in "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Best Supporting Actress –  Margaret Lackey as "Mrs Winemiller" in "Summer and Smoke"

Best Actor in a Minor Supporting Role – Mike Curtis as "Sheriff Will Masters" in "Bus Stop"

Best Actress in a Minor Supporting Role –  Pamela Coffman as "Grace Hoyland" in "Bus Stop"

Best Male Cameo –  Eric Dutton as "Rudolph" in "Hello, Dolly!"

Best Female Cameo -  Denise McKercher as "Ernestina in "Hello, Dolly!"

Best Juvenile –  Anna Ruth Morrison as "Emily" in "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Best Chorus Member –  Jake Sumner in "Hello, Dolly!"

Best Set Design –  Kelly Price, J.W. Story, & Tommy Foster for "Hello, Dolly!"

Best Lighting Design –  Jon Ramm for "Hello, Dolly!"

Best Sound Design –   Mark Bargeloh & Maggie Reichard for "Hello, Dolly!"

Best Costumes –  Brooke Bible for "Hello, Dolly!"

Best Director –   Tommy Foster for "Hello, Dolly!"

The Wilson Family  Award  - Claudia & Mark Reiff and children

Mary Thompson Award  -  Scott Stanton



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