"Living Room Reading Series" *
September, November 2009, January, March, May 2010!

"This is a new venture for OCT and is produced by Jonathan M. Ewart. The goal is to bring never produced shows in this area as a free theatrical event to the community. Please check back for more information on the upcoming productions.

Old Courthouse Theatre is pleased to announce that our Fifth Offering of The Living Room Reading Series will be Auntie Mame by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee on Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 5:00 pm.


Pat Heiss stars as Auntie Mame.
Rounding out the cast are (in alphabetical order) Melissa Bowden, Mike Curtis, B.J. Facemire, Rebekah Hardison, Jake Krug, Margaret Lackey, Sarah Lewis, David Loehr, Becky Porter, Tammi Shumate, Tim Thomas, Katie Warlick, Tyler Warlick.


Produced and Directed by Jonathan Ewart.


Based on the novel by Patrick Dennis. A triumph on Broadway, and a great road success, This fabulously successful hit hardly needs introduction. Besides being the source for one of America's most popular musicals, AUNTIE MAME set a standard for Broadway comedy that's been sought after ever since. "Auntie Mame was a handsome, sparkling, scatterbrained and warm-hearted lady who brightened the American landscape from 1928 to the immediate past by her whimsical gaiety, her slightly madcap adventures and her devotion to her young nephew, who grew up to be Patrick Dennis. Through fortunes that rose and fell and a pleasant but brief marriage to a likable Southerner, who had the bad luck to tumble down from the Matterhorn, Auntie Mame's chief concern was that nephew, whom she raised…[the play's] central figure is a woman of spirit, innate kindness and undefeatable courage…"—NY Post.

Admission is Free.

AUNTIE MAME is Produced by Special Arrangement by Dramatist Play Service.

*Reader's theatre is a style of theatre in which the actors do not memorize their lines. Rather, they either go through their blocking holding scripts and reading off their lines, or else sit/stand together on a stage and read through the script together. In Reader's theatre, actors use vocal expression to help the audience understand the story rather than visual storytelling such as sets, costumes, and intricate blocking.

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