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 A brief history of Old Courthouse Theatre.

Old Courthouse Theatre (OCT) originated on May 5, 1976, with the help of Mary Snead Boger. Set for demolition, the Historic Courthouse was destined to become a parking lot. Sensing a greater purpose for the courthouse, Boger believed the community needed a theatre and was eventually granted use of the second floor courtroom.

OCT has been credited for sparking the drive that ultimately saved the 1876 courthouse from the wrecker's ball. Sadly, in 1981 during a dress rehearsal, the ceiling fell in. Chunks of plaster dropped from the theater ceiling just above the stage and OCT was forced to vacate the building.

In 1984, First Baptist Church sold its building on Spring Street to OCT. Built in 1923, the building still retains the primary architecture of that time period. Original stained glass windows and relics that have been preserved through the years give the theatre a gothic ambiance adding character and personality that is rarely found in new theatres today.

OCT is staffed and run by volunteers. It is regularly supported through the sale of season tickets, private donations, sponsors, individual ticket sales and lastly, by a Grassroots Grant through the Cabarrus Arts Council. The OCT receives no city or county money at this time yet contributes to the community by donating tickets to other Cabarrus County non-profit organizations to aid in their fundraising.

The OCT name is well recognized and respected in the region and has been rightly earned by providing thirty three years of excellence. Launched as a result of one person’s dream, Old Courthouse Theatre carries its tradition as Cabarrus County’s only Community Theatre.

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There's nothing like a tour of back stage.  We invite you to look around and see behind the curtain.