Auditions for
 "The Wizard of Oz"
Director : Heather Wilson-Bowlby

Youth Audition Dates - *NEW Dates and Times
May 18th & 19th, @ 6-8pm
(registration 6-7pm)

No parents will be allowed in during auditions.
No parents will be allowed to attend rehearsals.
No one younger than 7yr old, please.

(Youth = 7-15yr. 16yrs and up come to adult auditions.)

Adult Audition Dates
- *New Dates

May 20th & 21st, @ 7-9pm

(registration 7-8pm)

Bring list of all conflicts between auditions dates and performance dates

Be prepared to sing (16 bars only), dance/move (dress to move no flip flops) and cold read (possible) from the script.

Characters List

Dorothy Gale: a young girl of about 16.
Our heroine, very naive & innocent.

Toto: a small adorable dog. Dorothy’s best friend in the whole world.

Aunt Em: Dorothy’s aunt. An older woman in her 50's.
Gentle, good. & loving.

Uncle Henry: Dorothy’s uncle. An older man in his 50's.
Sentimental pushover.

Hunk:a farmhand who doesn’t have a brain.
A young man in his 20 -50's.

Hickory:a farmhand who doesn’t have a heart.
A young man in his 20-50's

Zeke: a farmhand who doesn’t have any courage.
A young man in his 20-50's.

Miss Almira Gultch: a busybody spinster. The queen of mean.
Loves monkeys.

Professor Chester Marvel: a con artist& fraud.
Doesn’t know how to fly balloons.

Aunt Em / Glinda, the good witch of the North

Uncle Henry/ Emerald City Guard

Hunk/ Scarecrow

Hickory/ Tin Woodsman

Zeke/ Cowardly Lion

Miss Almira Gultch/ Elphaba, the wicked witch of the West

Professor Chester Marvel/ the Wonderful Wizard of OZ

MUNCHKINS: the little people who welcome Dorothy to the land of OZ
& include the following special parts:

Mayor: the most VIP munchkin in Munchkinland

Coroner: 2nd to the Mayor. Pronouces the wicked witch of East is dead!

Barrister: the law of Munchkinland.
3 City Fathers: older than dirt
3 Ballerina Girls: need I say more?
3 Tough boys: all talk but no action
Fiddler: very talented musically speaking
Braggart: there’s one in every crowd
2 School teachers: God bless em. They have quite the job to do.

**the munchkins will be played by up to 20 children