Auditions for "TINTYPES"

  March 9 & 10  at 7-9pm
(registration 7-8pm)


Cast Type: Ensemble Cast - Many featured roles, Ethnic Roles, Showcases trained singers
Dance requirement: None/minimal, Standard (Musical Staging/Some Dance)

General Character Breakdown

ANNA HELD Florenz Ziegfield's enigmatic and gorgeous first wife and the star of the Follies. An intimate and coyly sexual French woman with definite stage presence.
Female, 20-30 yrs old 
Range: G#3 - G#5 
CHARLIE CHAPLIN A talented Yiddish immigrant who struggles through his various jobs. An optimistically talented and imaginative physical comedian.
Male, 20-40 yrs old 
Range: Ab2 - G4 
EMMA GOLDMAN An immigrant, feminist, and socialist who revolts against government and the rich. Passionate and powerful with the natural ability of public speaking.
Female, 30-50 yrs old 
Range: G3 - Eb5 
SUSANNAH A black domestic based on Ziegfeld's pioneering male star, Bert Williams. She dreams of being an actress but constantly finds herself alone in the world.
Female, 20-40 yrs old 
Range: E3 - G5 
T.R. (TEDDY ROOSEVELT) A naval commander who becomes the youngest man ever elected President of the United States. Spunky and likable with plenty of bravado and military flair.
Male, 35-45 yrs old 
Range: G2 - Ab4