Auditions "The Marvelous Wonderettes"
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  September  14 & 15 at 7-9pm
(registration 7-8pm)

September 16 callbacks

Prepare a song of the era (50's-60's) for the audition.

Character Descriptions

CINDY LOU (plays 18 & 28) she knows she is the prettiest girl at Springfield High. She knows she will be named Prom Queen and acts out against her best friend Betty Jean when things don’t go her way. She makes the biggest change between Act 1 & 2, having learned the lessons of true love and loss. MEZZO SOPRANO BELT– sings lead line on most songs. Among the songs she sings are: ‘Allegheny Moon’, ‘Son of a Preacher Man’, ‘Maybe’.

MISSY (plays 18 & 28) She is the over-achiever of the group. Very controlled, very concerned that everything at the prom turns out wonderful and perfect. Head of the prom decorations committee. Her best friend is Suzy. SOPRANO – WIDE RANGE, VERY HIGH VOCALS AND BELTS THROUGHOUT THE SHOW. Among the songs she sings are: ‘Secret Love’, ‘You Don’t Own Me’, ‘Wedding Bell Blues’.

BETTY JEAN (plays 18 & 28) the class clown, tomboy, always vying for attention with Cindy Lou, her best friend. Cindy Lou steals Betty Jean’s boyfriend away, which causes a lot of the friction at the prom. She holds this grudge against Cindy Lou until they make up at the 10 year reunion. ALTO WITH A STRONG LOW RANGE. Among the songs she sings are: ‘Lipstick on Your Collar’, ‘I Only Want To Be With You’, ‘That’s When The Tears Start.”

SUZY (plays 18 & 28) Best friends with Missy, she is the happy-go-lucky one of the group –sometimes stereotyped as the ditzy blonde. Always smiling and giggling, nothing ever seems to bother her. In love with the lighting operator. MEZZO ALTO, BOTH SWEET AND SOUL VOICE. Among the songs she sings are: ‘Stupid Cupid’, ‘Hold Me, Thrill Me’, ‘Rescue Me’. This role requires a consummate belter, excellent part singer and expert comedienne. Continuously chewing bubble gum.