Auditions for
 "The Trip to Bountiful"
Director : Heather Wilson-Bowlby

August 9 & 10, @ 7-9pm

(registration 7-8pm)

Bring list of all conflicts between auditions dates and performance dates

Be prepared to cold read from the script.

Characters List


Carrie Watts – Age 60+
An aging widow who longs to return to the country home of her youth, Bountiful. She is certain this change will carry her through her waning years. She’s feisty, strong willed, indomitable and endearing. There is no doubt she will get exactly where she wants.

Ludie Watts – Age 30-50
After working for a company for eight years, he became ill for two years and lost his savings. He has been working for six months, but still requires the assistance of his mother’s pension check. Residing in a small apartment with two women has equally taken its toll. Torn between loyalty to his mother and devotion to his wife.

Jessie Mae Watts – Age 30-50 (same range as Ludie)
She would love to be going out doing things for herself, but feels trapped taking care of her mother-in-law. Jessie Mae doesn’t dislike Carrie, just the behavior and dislike she feels from Carrie. Although she is selfish and unhappy with the circumstances she is not a villain in the play.

Thelma – Age 20-30
A new bride returning to her family home while she waits for her husband’s return from his duty overseas. Riding on the bus to Harrison, TX and their separate destinations, her acquaintance with Carrie provides the opportunity to hear why Carrie must go home.

Sheriff – Age 40-50s
Small town sheriff. Responding to Carrie’s pleas, he helps her complete her pilgrimage to Bountiful.

Roy – Age 25-40
Not familiar with the Bountiful of Carrie’s memory, he shares time before daylight with Carrie as she continues her journey.

2 Ticket Masters – Age Open
Exchange lines with Carrie and Ludie respectively at the Houston bus depot.

There are also walk-on character roles available for the Houston Bus Scene. They do not have scripted lines. There will be blocked scenes. Rehearsals for these walk-on roles is limited to tech week.