Auditions for
  "The 39 Steps"


are being held February 8 & 9 at 7-9pm
(registration 7-8pm)

4 actors - 3 males & 1 female

Bring list of all conflicts between auditions dates and performance dates

Performances dates:
April 21, 22, 23, 29, 30, May 6, 7; 2016 @ 8pm
May 7 @ 2:30pm - Saturday matinee
  April 24, May 1 @ 2:30pm - Sunday Matinee

Be prepared to cold read from the script.

Character Descriptions:

Richard Hannay is a Scottish-born Englishman in his mid-30s. He is a wealthy gentleman who maintains his charm even when expressing a clever wit and remains calm even in the most desperate of situations.

The female character plays three women that cross paths with Richard Hannay.  ANNABELLA is Russian, PAMELA is a wealthy Englishwoman and MARGARET is married and runs a country inn.  Each character must be distinct and readily noticeable as they come into and out of the story.  Multiple dialects and accents are essential.

The final two characters play a multitude of secondary characters: policemen, milkman, salesmen, actors, train conductor, Scottish crofter, crofter’s wife, pilots, professor and wife, and many others.  Each character must have a distinguishable dialect and personality and be readily recognizable.  Comic timing and multiple accents are a must.