Auditions for

written by Ira Levin

  August 7 & 8 @ 7pm
(registration 7-8pm)

Deathtrap is a play written by Ira Levin in 1978 with many plot twists and which references itself as a play within a play. It holds the record for the longest running comedy-thriller on Broadway and was also nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play. Deathtrap was well received by many and has been frequently revived. It was adapted into a film starring Christopher Reeve,
Michael Caine, and Dyan Cannon in 1982

Character description:

Auditions will consist of Cold Readings from the Script

Character Breakdown: 3 men and 2 women.

(M) 50-65: A famous writer of Broadway thrillers. His recent string of flops has him considering just about anything to be back on top with a hit show. He is impressive, polished, manipulative, a bit flamboyant and self-assured. Must be capable of stage combat.

CLIFF ANDERSON (M) 25-35: An aspiring young playwright. Preppy, good-looking, intelligent and charming, all of which covers an ambitious and deceptive streak. He is determined to become a successful playwright. Must be capable of stage combat.

MYRA BRUHL (F) 35-50: Sydney’s self-effacing but charming wife. Sophisticated, upper class and supportive of her husband’s efforts to stay on top. She may be more “willing” than at first glance.

HELGA TEN DORP (F) 45-65: A famous German psychic who is visiting the neighbors of the Bruhl’s. She is nosey, quirky, struggles with her English, disarming and brave.

PORTER MILGRAM (M) 50-60: A Brahmin lawyer. An imposing man of substance who is on the lookout for Sidney’s best interests. A friend of the family.

Bring list of all conflicts between auditions dates and performance dates

Performances dates:
September 29 - October 16, 2016

Auditions for
 10 Minute Play Festival
"The Bucket List"

July 24 & 25 @ 7pm

(Registration 7-8pm)

performances Aug 25-28

Antique Roses
by Robert Boucheron
Directed by Brian Rassler
Cast: 1m, 1f
A chance encounter between two strangers by a rose bush leads to a
surprising discovery.
Dr. Forest J. Blodgett Male, 55, gray hair and beard, slightly overweight,
a professor of botany and fussy bachelor
Ella Eulalia Finch Female, 71, white hair, trim figure, keen eyesight,
hard of hearing, a property owner and spinster

A Mostly Satisfied Life
by Gary Wadley
Directed by Stuart Jonap
Cast: 2m, 2f
Two elderly people visit the beach as the last thing on their “bucket list.”
GMAMA Older woman
GDADDY Older male
MONICA Young woman
HENRY Young man

by Pamela Coffman
Directed by Jonathan Ewart
Cast: 1m, 1f
A couple work on their “together bucket list” as their anniversary draws
near. (second marriage for both)
BRIDGETTE 30s, female, thoughtful, kind, funny, in love
GREG 30s, male, sarcastic, funny, adventurous, in love

Louie’s List
by Ethan Mullins
Directed by Stuart Jonap Cast: 2m
A father and son work through some issues as Dad packs for Florida.
DAD Male, in his 50s, father of MARK
MARK Fresh out of college, son of DAD

Number 10
by Andy Rassler
Directed by Andy Rassler Cast: 2f, 2 either
Becky tries desperately to help her best friend Susan marks a very
important item off her bucket list: auditioning for a play.
JO Stage Manager; either gender, adult
BECKY Probably 35-50; most loyal of best friends
SUSAN Probably 35-50; easily excitable, insecure,
NUMBER 9 Adult; either gender; mostly silent observer
DIRECTOR Adult; either gender; your average director
NUMBER 11 Adult; either gender; next person auditioning

Paper Lanterns
by Stacey Isom Campbell
Directed by Brian Rassler Cast: 1m, 1f
Two children discuss life and their future.
JULIA Female, 6, played by an actor in her 20s
CODY Male, 8, played by an actor in his 20s